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I found n Army medical website that covers wounds from about everything you can get wounded by in a war. It’s got a very large selection of black and white pictures of these wounds taken by the military for research purposes for wounds and ballistics. I am thinking of making an article about it with some of the photos. Thing is they are graphic to put it mildly. I’m not sure how well this will go over. Don’t want to trigger anyone these days. Below is a more tame example. If you guys want more comment down below and if a few of you want to see this medical wound research I will do the articles.

I won’t post the link because even though its a government/military website, it sets off all kinds of warnings on google chrome and firefox that it’s not safe even though it’s perfectly safe. I just don’t want to hear all the bitching about it if some one goes to it and it sets off their computer warnings.

If you want more sound off below.


  1. Definitely write the articles as this is an often neglected part of research that can be found online as a learning tool and not just a morbid fascination. I spent the last 15 months in Syria and always asked the medics what affects different weapons had on the human body. Some results are quiet surprising as certain weapons do not always produce the expected results.

  2. I would say do the article,for ones who wish not to see it or any reason need not read it,seems simple enough.I would say also a follow up article or two on wound care if not fatal might be a nice thing.

    • Yea Im gonna do it. Will be next week one day after I go back to the regular multiple posts a day schedule. GOnna real ramp up work on the website in 2020. Also expect some over haul of the look of the website making it look better and easier to use in the coming weeks of 2020. Also if you ever had anything you want to write about, you guys tell me and I will be happy to publish it. You guys post so much good stuff in the comments that I fear never gets read by our average readers


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