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Slept in this morning, then went to the range. I really like this 6940. That Scalarworks magnifier mount was pricey, but worth it.

Here in the humidity, I have issues with things rusting. It seems like no matter what oil, grease, or cosmoline I have used, I still find rust everywhere. I suspect this is directly to blame why I have grown less fond of blued steel guns and prefer stuff like Glocks, ARs, and the like.

I found the little pin in the CTR stock on my rifle was rusting. I guess I’ll have to oil that too.

I’ve been playing around with the Magpul 40 round P-Mags. I was getting really fond of them. At the range, while I was doing a little rapid fire, I had a passing thought. I figured that these mags had proven trust worthy and I might use a few at my go-to mags.

Per the norm, the mags then told me to go fuck my self. Not so much in words but performance. Moments after I decided to makes these my primary, I pulled the trigger and heard a click when I expected a bang. I figured I had a bad round, so I waited. Turns out I had an empty chamber. The bolt didn’t lock back to the rear when I fired the last round of the mag. The Magpul follower canted so that the rear of it was too low to lock the bolt to the rear.

All three 40 round mags I bought today did this. In this picture, you can see the left most mag has the follower in the completely up position, while the right two followers tilted and failed to lock the bolt to the rear.

Looks like I am going to be trading a favorite optic for a Benelli M1014. This version of the M4 Super 90 had been on a “would like to have, but wouldn’t spend money on” list for a really long time. Now I have the chance to trade something I can purchase a replacement of and got a really good deal on for something else I’ll rarely use, but have gotten a good deal on.

I’ve always seen mixed messages about the M1014 and less lethal ammo. I’ve read people say how the USMC adopted the M1014 because it was the only semi auto that could reliably feel the bean bag rounds. I’d reply, no it doesn’t. Turns out the truth is a little more complex. After the USMC bought the M1014 shotguns, they had a third party modify them to be able to run less lethal ammunition. I’ll go into more details when I talk about the gun.


  1. Only got a couple of the 40rd mags and haven’t dinked around with them as much to see if that’s a common failure mode. Disconcerting to have it happen after making an investment in them.

  2. I strongly suggest you contact Magpul. They’ll probably send you a return label so they can investigate and then send you three new ones to try out.

    • me too, I have 10 of the 40 rounders and they have worked fine. may two surefire 60s work great. Howard seems to have a magical ability to some how always get the lemon version of everything he buys


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