Top. Man. Georgia Edition


A teenager was hit by ricocheting shrapnel when a North Georgia sheriff’s gun discharged inside a Walmart.

Pickens County Sheriff Donnie Craig was wearing the gun in his waistband when it went off inside the Jasper store Tuesday night, according to the sheriff’s office. The round hit the floor.

Sound like “Mexican carry” to me. Whats the odds on it being a glock?

Craig and several deputies were attending a “Shop with the Sheriff” holiday event and were standing near the front of the store during the “accidental discharge,” sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Kris Stancil told A 15-year-old boy in a nearby checkout line reported a minor injury, he said

Top Cop! He’s the only one professional enough

“At the time of the discharge, the weapon was not being handled and the weapon was secured in the waistband,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “Sheriff Craig has stated how thankful he is that no one was seriously injured in the incident. All policy protocols will be followed during the investigation into the incident.”

The gun was a “backup weapon,” the agency said. It is not clear what caused the weapon to fire. Negligence or SIG.

“Currently this matter is being investigated by the Pickens Sheriff’s Office, and per proper protocol the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been notified of the incident,” the post continued. “The Pickens Sheriff’s Office will fully cooperate with the investigation.” We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.

What do you think would happen to me or you if we had out carry piece “just go off” in a Walmart and a piece of jacket wound a kid?


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