Aimpoint LRP Mount


I had an Aimpoint T-1 laying around I wanted to use on the B&T APC9K. But I needed a mount to use. I saw a used Aimpoint LRP mount for sale cheap, so I picked that up. The LRP mount is a quick detach throw level mount. Looks like they run about $120-130 new.

I was a little surprised that there is a little tab on the lever of the LRP mount. You have to pull up on the lever to get it to open.

I wonder if crud/dirt/debris would get caught in opening area by the cam. Would probably be pretty easy to clean out with a brush.

I think that little tab makes it hard enough to open that it will not accidentally open on you. Gives it a good bit of security. There is a not so a little hex knob you can use to adjust the tension on the LRP mount. The knob on this one can easily be turned by hand when the lever is open. Don’t turn it when mounted as you can damage the mount.

Aimpoint’s LRP mounts are low profile, but they can come with spacers to raise the height of the sight for guns that need it like the AR15. Sometimes the LRP mounts are sold with out the spacer, so if you need it, make sure it comes with one. You will also need longer screws to use with the spacer, so if you buy used, make sure it comes with those too.

I initially ran into a little issue mounting and removing the mount, but it turned out to be user error. The lever needs to be fully open for mounting.

I’ve not used it enough to know if it hold zero when removed and reattached, or how durable it is. For the price I paid for this one I am plenty happy, but I wouldn’t pay MSRP for one. At the full price, I’d rather buy something else.


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