VCDL Statement on open carry at Lobby day & Response From NOVA Battle Buddies


This morning the VCDL released a statement on the upcoming lobby day at Richmond. In this statement they made an error in judgement in our opinion.

If you are asking how you can help with VCDL’s mission, carrying long guns at Lobby Day is not helpful – it is a distraction. VCDL’s important messages inevitably get lost as the press rushes to get pictures of anyone carrying an AR or AK. The stories then become about the rifle, not VCDL’s agenda. You can set your watch by it. Long guns are not easy to carry in a crowd, either. VCDL needs its voice heard loud and clear in order to able to stop the onslaught of gun-control bills. “

While I understand the point the VCDL is trying to make and as a org, they are ever mindful of the optics of this kind of thing, they are wrong. It’s past that. The government of VA has people talking about mobilizing the state’s national guard to enforce unconstitutional laws. The 2nd amendment exists to stop this sort of thing exactly. Those people worry more about a cloudy day than they do well behaved scared peons. They have no idea how close they are and they need to be shown that. Otherwise they will hand wave it off as more bluster.

A few minutes ago, another 2nd amendment group in VA working to stop this released a statement that I agree with 100 percent and understands the problem in VA and they only real way to get the point across int he dying days of this republic. If you live in VA and you are going to this lobby day. Show up armed to make them open their eyes. It is your right given to you by your creator. It’s past the point of worrying about optics. In my opinion, if you do not show up open carrying, then you are wasting your time.


This morning VCDL issued a statement which shocked many supporters and intended attendees of Virginia’s Lobby Day in Richmond on 20 January 2020. Many individuals have taken great offense to the very concept that VCDL would recommend against carrying long guns or wearing tactical gear at Virginia’s Lobby Day. The Virginia Battle Buddies (including NOVA, North Shenandoah, Central Virginia, and Hampton Roads) leadership have agreed to the following statement being released on behalf of our groups.

VCDL has done immense things for gun rights in Virginia, and even for the nation. VCDL has been punching above it’s weight class for some years, and has done a better job of defending gun rights than some ostensibly pro-gun organizations that are much larger, better funded, and with seemingly greater reach. The Virginia Battle Buddies have the utmost respect for VCDL and the work they have done in furtherance of our collective civil and constitutional rights. In this particular instance however, we must respectfully disagree with their stance and break ranks with them. This is not meant to be disparaging or divisive, but quite the opposite. VCDL is an inherently political organization. What they do requires a clean look and a nice, neat public image- and that remains as true at Virginia’s Lobby Day as it ever has been.

Remember that this is Virginia’s Lobby Day. Not VCDL Lobby Day. And you are invited to attend.

We are at an incredibly dangerous point in our nation’s history. Our legislature has declared themselves able, and having the intent, to override constitutional rights through statutory law. When faced with outcry over such an injustice, the government of the commonwealth has then threatened to utilize force and violence on those who dare not comply. It is imperative now, at Virginia’s Lobby Day, and after, that the sons and daughters of Virginia and their friends and allies from across the nation rally together in defense of our most precious liberties.

It is an unpopular thing in society to breathe allowed words that consider the true intent of our right to keep and bear arms.

Arms- not guns, not swords, not grenades, but arms. What are those arms which it speaks of? At the time of adoption, “arms” were considered the ordinary implements of the soldier used for offense and defense. Arms covers much more than firearms. Today, arms include body armor, helmets, night vision and thermal equipment, knives, pistols, and much more- to include, and especially assault weapons. Not “Modern Sporting Rifles” as some ostensibly pro-gun organizations would call them. Assault weapons- those arms designed in a manner which would facilitate a citizen soldier in most effectively defending his rights, property, and very life. We should not play word games to appease our would-be oppressors, as those word games have brought us nothing but continued slow erosion of our rights.

Those arms are essential to creating balance. Societies which strike a balance between the ability of the citizenry and the government to project violence are generally free societies with respectful governance. If the scale tips too far towards the citizenry having a monopoly on violence, there is anarchy. If the same scales tip too far towards a government monopoly on capability to project violence, you find despotism. Right now, the legislature intends to tilt the balance heavily in favor of the government. And so to arms we must fly.

Being armed is not, however, sufficient. Everything we do must be cool and calculated. Choosing to arrive at Virginia’s Lobby Day in large numbers, wearing armor and carrying rifles, is a calculated move. It is a rattlesnake shaking its tail, warning a would be attacker that it is on the path to folly. Arriving en masse at Virginia’s Lobby Day armed and armored is the rattling of our tail, warning the legislature that they are on the verge of making a horrible mistake.

It is not enough to make a calculated move though. We must also be calm and collected. When the rattlesnake begins rattling its tail, it does not flail about, or squirm and shake in fear. To do so would diminish or completely ruin the effect brought by the rattle. The snake is calm, resolved, and focused. It collects itself together, and is coiled ready to strike if it must. The rattling is not a threat of violence. It is an effort to stave off violence, to prevent violence from ever being necessary- while showing that it is prepared to strike if it is forced to do so. Virginia’s Lobby Day is absolutely not a day for violence- nor is it a day to loudly and obnoxiously act out. It is a day to be the rattlesnake. Collected, calmly demonstrating that we will not be trifled with.

We encourage you to attend Virginia’s Lobby Day. Please do not let VCDL’s public stance on long guns deter you. This is a play in which we all have parts. If you choose to attend and wish to bring a long gun, we encourage you to do so. There will be hundreds of us there with long guns. Simply remember that you will need to hand it off to someone if you intend to go inside to speak with your legislators. You should also remember that if you intend to speak to your legislators, you should make some effort to look presentable.

The Virginia Battle Buddies also encourage you to reach out and let us know you are coming if you intend to arrive in tactical gear and a long gun- we would like to make things as organized as possible. Citizens well organized will always have a greater effect, in so many ways, than an unorganized mob.

While VBB and VCDL diverge on one matter of opinion, we would like to reinforce that we are all on the same team- one team, one fight. Let’s keep working together to make sure we are organized to win this non-kinetic fight, rather than let it devolve into an uncivilized brawl. “

Semper Fidelis,

NOVA Battle Buddies
Northern Shenandoah Battle Buddies
Central Virginia Battle Buddies
Hampton Roads/Tidewater Battle Buddies


  1. Virginia still a civilized enough State that its Citizens can peacefully assemble to petition for a redress of grievances.
    Armed, as is their right.
    Genuinely good news, thanks for post

  2. I agree with the writer of this article, it’s past time for worrying about the optics of the situation. Bring guns and lots of mags. Bad choice when the rest of the nation is ready to fight and die with you if need be. Shows weakness to that nut job and his commie buddies.

  3. The difference between VCDL’s approach and VBB’s approach is whether you want to be dragged through the streets by antifa and the Virginia State Police in your polo shirt or if you want to collect the James Fields Memorial Prize for Centuries in Prison.

    Seriously, anybody who goes to *Richmond* for a *rally* learned *absolutely nothing* from Charlottesville. This is going to be a long fight. Let’s not play it on the opponent’s turf by the opponent’s rules. That’s just Sun Tzu 101.

  4. The governor of Virginia recently stated, in regards to his intention to ban the AR-15, that due to the overwhelming opposition to his plan that he would “cross that bridge when he comes to it”.

    Long ago, on April 19th in Massachusetts, the attempt to cross a bridge resulted in a war. Does he not realize that HIS attempt to cross HIS bridge on January 20th could have the same result?


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