Surplus M17 pistols available


That was fast. But it will be limited. Buy one quick of you want one.

The first back of Sig M17 pistols to the military had a little different specification that the rest of them. These first models had tan controls (take down level, safety, slide stop). I don’t know if there are any other differences. These first guns went to groups like the 101st Airborne. From what I have read, it sounds like these were traded in for new pistols with the black controls.

This surplus pistols will be used, an unknown amount, and may have been deployed. If you are a collector, this is rare opportunity to get a US Military issued weapon. Last time I saw a deal like this was with the traded in Colt M45A1s. Those sold out very quickly.

There are at least a few places selling these. Proven Outfitters are one, but they will only sell them to Mil/LE.

Note that these guns may be well used, abused, and/or shot out. I wouldn’t recommend buying one for duty/self defense use. Sig is offering their “CPO” warranty, which means you get 1 year of protection from factory defects. Damage from wear and use not covered. So if it has been damaged or is worn out, you are on your own.

Still I think it would be a cool item to have for the collection.


  1. I agree these would be a good investment and have been looking for one on-line since seeing the announcement yesterday.


    Anybody have a source for these critters?


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