Last night B-ARFCOM user Probablecoltadict posted a nice little write up about the new MarColMar CETME LV

In this post, we’ll be taking an up close and personal look at MarColMar’s recently released CETME LV in 5.56/.223. For those of you not familiar with the CETME Model L, it was made in Spain and served as their standard 5.56mm infantry rifle from about the mid 1980’s through the mid 1990’s until being replaced by the German manufactured G36 rifle. BUT, this is not a History lesson so I’ll leave it at that.

Fast forward until a few years ago when a little north of 10,000 5.56mm CETME rifles were removed from storage in Spain, scrapped and sold to the US market as parts kits. Of these, MarColMar ended up with approximately 10,000 kits in three versions. They are, from top to bottom, the LV, L and LC:

The vast majority of the kits were the standard fixed stock “L” version designed to be used primarily with iron sights and although many (but not all) did have a rear sight tower capable of having a scope mount attached, the optic mount seems to be vanishingly rare at this point. If you have one, please let me know as I’d LOVE to document it. If you are interested in the standard “L” version rebuilt by MarColMar, I wrote about one of those in-depth earlier this year and compared it to both a Hill and Mac kit rebuild and an original intact Spanish specimen. Just type the following into your favorite search engine and you’ll immediately find links to it on multiple sites:

MarColMar and HMG Cetme L a Detailed Comparison

Also acquired by were some of the “LC” version. The primary difference of this version compared to the standard “L” model is a collapsible butt stock intended make it more compact for movement or stowage. Of the approximately 10,000 kits acquired by MarColMar, only 645 were of this variety. If you are interested in reading about the LC, I encourage you to read the article I’ve just recently written about this version. It can easily be found on this very forum by searching “MarColMar CETME LC (Carbine) In Detail”. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it if you are so inclined.
The third version, known as the “CETME LV”, is what we will be looking at here. The CETME LV was intended to be used as a marksman’s rifle and had a STANAG scope mount permanently welded to the receiver. Only a very few of this version (145) are being built by MarColMar.

SO…who is MarColMar? Well, rather than get it wrong, I’ll just quote their website:
“MarColMar Firearms is an FFL / SOT / and Class II Manufacturer that specializes in bringing important historical military firearms back to life – for both collectors and shooters. Founded by Dave Bane in Richmond Indiana in 2007, MarColMar has been committed to merging modern manufacturing methods and materials, with surplus military parts, to recreate the most accurate, high quality, and reliable firearms available to the consumer market.

Our past projects and collaborations with other fine industry leaders, has resulted in some of the finest semi-auto firearm shooters and collectables, all of which have rapidly increased in demand and value – such as the Semi PKM, the Bulgarian AK-74, our milled Uk vz 59, and the UKM. Our latest project, the CETME L, will now expand our limited production – high quality philosophy – to a broader market, allowing many other enthusiasts to access our products and designs, and enjoy them for generations.”
And here is a link to their site:

In addition to the rifle, you also find some other stuff which I have laid out for the picture. At the extreme left is the manual.

Read is huge and detailed look at the gun at the link below.


  1. Now this made me think of HMG’s Stg44 reproductions… Pretty soon HMG will have kept their deposit payers waiting longer than WW2 lasted…


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