Vibra-Tite VC-3 thread locker


Some time back I bought something and it came with a little sample plastic baggie of Vibra-Tite VC-3.
(wow that is really descriptive and informative, right?)

Being the cheap guy that I am, I cut a tiny little cut into the bag and slowly used up the sampler on optics and accessories screws. Unlike Locktite, this doesn’t fully harden, so it can be reused (up to 5 times they claim). The little sampler I used impressed me, so I went ahead and bought a bottle.

I kept having the tri-lug adapter come loose on the APC9K PRO. I am going to try using VC-3 thread locker to keep it in place. Unfortunately VC-3 is only meant to be used to 165 degrees F, but I want to see how well it works out, and check if I have any issues with bore solvent. I imagine it will probably work fine for this application.

While it isn’t really the right choice for a muzzle device, I would highly recommend this stuff for all the standard bolts and misc threaded connectors you have laying around. While I’m not going to throw away my bottles of locktite, I am going to mainly be using Vibra-tite for around my home.

Last note, with VC-3, you are suppose to coat the threads and let it dry before assembly. I didn’t know that until I bought this bottle.


  1. A certain manufacturer from Arizona recommends VC-3 for their pistol muzzle compensators. Needless to say it didn’t work (165F… hmmm) and after multiple attempts to install said compensator with different thread lockers and finally stripping the miniscule set screws, I took that POS off and chucked it into the desert.


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