Smith & Wesson – M&P 9 Shield EZ


Exciting stuff from S&W today.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield EZ is now available through Smith & Wesson dealers, in four variants: With ambidextrous manual thumb safety Without ambidextrous manual thumb safety Crimson Trace frame with manual safety Crimson Trace frame without manual safety.

I know it’s just what we all been waiting for.


  1. The Shield 380EZ was a home run. So many new shooters, mostly from the distaff side, spend so much emotional energy fighting the slide and the recoil that it makes the other parts of shooting much more difficult than they need to be. If a particular person is also having accuracy problems, well, it’s easy to just throw in the towel at that point.

    But a Shield 9EZ? I guess it’s better than the Shield 9Hard, but I’d recommend the 380EZ to anyone over the 9EZ.

    • I’d like to handle both side by side and hopefully test fire. I’m looking at handguns for my wife and daughter. Both struggle to rack a standard slide. I was dragging my feet on the 380 because I’m covered up in 9mm ammo and question the effectiveness of the 380. But, like you said, if the 9 isn’t as EZ, it kinda defeats the purpose.

      • I understand wanting to lean out your ammo supply chain, but how much .380 are your wife and daughter going to burn in a year? 1000 rounds will probably last them a long time.

        And I’m not a huge fan of .380’s stopping power either, but no bad guy is expecting your wife or daughter to have a heater and if they produce one it’s a new game. More so if they start putting rounds on target in short order.

        I shouldn’t dog the EZ9 (I haven’t handled or fired one), but I’m a big fan of the EZ380 for folks like your women.

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