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No posts from me today, I got to travel to the Big City to pay property taxes to The King. That way they won’t take away the land that my family has “owned” for over 100 years.


    • pay in person at the sheriffs office. In Ky the sheriffs main job is to collect property taxes. which isnt bad, it was 135 bucks for about 30 acres and a home

      • Dude. You can complain if you want to, but in AZ you couldn’t put a port-a-potty on land you only paid $135/annum in property tax on.

        1/3 acre with a tract home is going to run you $1400/annum.

        Of course, that 10x means we get such niceties as pay-by-mail, but I would gladly knock $1200 off the bill to drop off payment.

        • haha I’m not really complaining. I wouldn’t live anywhere other my beautiful. free Commonwealth. its the greatest place on earth. God’s own country. My sentiment for my home state is much like R E Lee’s feelings for VA. Though I don’t have much respect for the state gov, I appreciate it compared to other state govs. Thomas Massie and Rand Paul are both products of this state after all.

          • I was born and bred a Yankee, with a Yankee’s disdain for the Southerner. But as I’ve aged (matured, maybe), I’ve come to appreciate Southern culture, including the Southerner’s attachment to his land.


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