Hey we get another one so soon. This time an intellectual decided to get rid of a large amount of gun powder by burning it. Smooth move Exlax.. You can guess what happened from there. I would comment more about the stupidity of this if I knew if it was small arms powder or whatnot but report didn’t say.

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) – Authorities have confirmed an explosion took place at Old Fort McClellan.

Authorities say a man was trying to dispose of excess gunpowder by burning it. The accident took place near the dog kennels.

When the man ignited the gunpowder, it blew up. He has burns to both his face, torso, legs. He also suffered a broken arm.

His identity and age have not been released.

Paramedics are currently trying to stabilize him before he is life-flighted.



  1. If it had been uncontained smokeless (nitrocellulose) powder, it should not have blown up. I can pour a pound of smokeless onto a table in front of me, put a match to it, and all you’ll see is a rapidly burning pile of powder. It will flare up rapidly, then quickly exhaust itself as it runs out of fuel.

    That it blew up means it wasn’t smokeless.

    Do that same thing with classic gunpowder (ie, make a pile of black powder) on a table in front of you and you’ll blow your face off.

    • dump put about 50 pounds of unique and light it and see how fast it goes up. I’ve burned dozens of pounds of old reloading powder in my day and if you get enough of the right kind with a fast burn rate and it will foom faster than you can get away from it


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