Delta Force guns over the years Part 2


Back by demand.

Above is a well known picture of Delta force acting as body guards during the first gulf war. The carbines mostly seen at that time was the Colt 653.

Here we have some more carbines with the older Aimpoint red dot sights mounted to the carry handles.

A picture from Somalia. You can see the 653s, the Aimpoints and Surefires mounted to the barrels.

Above is well known firearms trainer “Shrek” with his G3. Interesting mount for the eotech on it. There are also pictures of him using a FAL set up similar while in Afghanistan in the early months.

This is one I meant to mention yesterday. Around this time the Knight’s MRE rail was used. No idea how popular it was but several pictures show it in use by a few different delta guys. This was the KAC rail that free floated the barrel , left the factory colt front sight in place , and extended out past it a few inches. Again we see the lower powered variable scope that delta pioneered and is now common, I *think* this is the S&B shortdot, a scope more or less made just for them on request.

Below are going to be pictures of the early front grip /flashlight system that was cobbled together and custom made back before factory solutions came out.

It looks like it consists of a cut down grip. a surefire light and mounting bracket for the rail with the surefire pressure pad and PEQ2 switch.

Here is a picture of a more evolved version.

Above is Kyle Lamb in Iraq with his custom M4 with the smooth FF tube. He has talked about this at length before but I can’t recall where to find it or exactly the details. You can see he still favors a longer FF smooth tubular HG on his carbines to this day.

Finally we have one of the famous Custom M1911s that used to be a signature weapon of Delta Force.


    • I did notice that and I even started to write something about it. But i figured Howard would edit in something about it to add to the post. guess that was what I get for assuming

  1. Yeah you need really cool high speed low drag guns and gear to murder American men, women and children, on American soil no less, like Delta Force seems to have done in Waco, alongside the FBI and ATF.

    This shouldn’t be surprising. The Deep State encompasses the agents who enforce its will, after all.

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