Some Delta Force Guns Over The Years


There is an instagram account called Historichronicles that is devoted to posting pictures of guys in Delta Force from over the years. I don’t care much about that so much as the very cool glimpse at the guns they used over the years. They really were the cutting edge over the years that spurred development in a lot of ways. For the military anyways, because they got most of their development ideas from the civilian competition world in a lot of cases. This still continues to this day. You can see some old ideas in some of those pictures. Ideas that seem crude now but evilved into things we see today like the low magnification variable optics on M4s and free float hand guards.

First up I thought I would show this picture. It’s the much over rated H&K 416 of course, but the point is the damage. Hit during a firefight, the round destroyed the laser and etotech. I call that a close call.

Above is a good example of what I was talking about. A smooth F tube meant to make a slicker set up, free float the barrel and give a longer hand guard. I have no idea what model this tube is other than I *think* its from KAC.

Above is Larry Vickers. Larry is the inventer of the finest AR sling know to man, The Vickers Combat Application Sling sold by Blue Force Gear. This is from the 80s and you can see Larry’s ow famous carbine set up with the hose clamped on flashlight on his pre M4 Colt carbine. A lot has already been written and said about this particular carbine all over the internet already. Larry even made a youtube video about it not too long ago.

Above is a Delta sniper assaulter with a KAC 7.62 precision AR with a lower powered variable optic.

Another delta sniper rifle from KAC.

I had more pictures but for some reason my old dilapidated laptop lost them. If you guys liked this let me know and I will gather up some more for a part 2



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