More Mexico Cartel Battles


Some big news you probably won’t hear about from the news happened the other day. The Mexico gov continues to show that the entire country is just a Narco-state.

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                                     Reports of “Strong shooting” in Villa Unión, Coahuila

Shortly before noon it was reported, through social networks, that a shooting was recorded in the town of Villa Unión , in Coahuila. The confrontation between armed civilians and elements of the Sedena was reported through social networks, ie Cartel de Noreste members against SEDENA elements. At least 20 heavily armed vehicles in a convoy formation rolled into Villa Unión. 
At approximately 11:45 am on Saturday a gun battle organized crime and members of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) in registered between alleged members of Villa Unión , according to Twitter users church and the same Presidency has several bullet impacts.

Several videos circulate through social networks in which the smoke from burning vehicles can be seen and the detonations of firearms can also be heard. So far no injured people or death figures have been reported. The mayor,  Arcedalia Padrón Arizpe , said that “the bursts began with the grenades”, and said that shootings were also recorded in other municipalities. That has changed, keep reading !

Update: Clashes continue in northern Coahuila, in Villa Unión.

Unofficially it is said that it was a direct attack on the security unions and municipal facilities of Villa Unión. The attack, according to the leaked audios of the security units was perpetrated with heavy artillery, caliber 50.
Local media say that the General Coordination Alert was activated at noon on Saturday due to the attack on state police, the Municipal Palace and even the church. According to social network users, after the shooting, damage was recorded in the municipal palace, in the community church and three patrols would have been burned.

The first reports assure that it would have been an attack against elements of the Coahuila Force and at the moment there is no report of deceased persons.

Second Reports:  Confrontations between alleged members of the Northwest Cartel and members of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), which allegedly left at least five dead , among them allegedly a police element, as well as two more injured agents in the municipality of Villa Unión, Coahuila. Subsequently, in social networks a series of shootings were reported in various parts of the community.

                                            Inside of a home in Villa Unión, Coahuila
According to the reports, authorities confirmed that five alleged criminals were killed, however, they did not confirm or deny uniformed injuries.

Hombres armados en villa unión coahuila está pasando

— Minerva (@mine_br) November 30, 2019

So far the local authorities have not made an official statement.
Situation Ongoing, will keep a lookout for Updates


  1. “Poor Mexico, so far from God and so near the United States”.

    I find it odd that most who comment on the Violence in Mexico don’t mention the role the good old USA
    Our Drug Laws have done nothing to reduce the abuse of drugs, however they have spawned a number of industries, the prison industrial complex here and the the Cartels south of the border are BIG business.
    The USA originally trained and armed Los Zeta’s as an elite anti narcotics strike force…
    Happily the whole “Gunwalker” operation didn’t restrict it’s sales to just one Cartel.
    I could go on…
    Given the current political reality both here in the USA and in the Republic of Mexico it’s just going to get worse.

    • the entire land has been a failed state full of corruption over its entire history. trying to pick one of two reasons is like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon


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