Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes


I ‘m no car guy. don’t care about what the specs are, or engine size or if the beeeberjab increases the flabbergig. Yes I managed a detail/body ship for years but I only fixed there outside looks. I never cared about what makes them tick and all that crap. That said, I still think this is cool. Not so much because of the car. It’s that something like this can still happen in these days of the near complete authority of the never blinking eye of the sate. The logistics and tech that went in to evading the heavy hand of The King’s Men.

Just look at some of what it took to pull this off. Not shown is the roof mounted IR camera. There is much applicable here for our certain way of thinking.

Read all about what it took and the magnificent bastards that pulled it off.


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