Beretta finally improves the 92 with the 92X Performance


Look at that, a 1911 style safety and grip angle!

A good number of people have done some good work with the classic Beretta 92FS. But there is always room for improvement.

Beretta says that the 92X Performance is built for “Speed and accuracy.” They clearly acknowledge that a frame mounted 1911 style safety is much faster than the stock 92 style safety/decocker.

This gun is clearly designed for competition, and sports a wide variety of changes to make it better for that role. They went with a steel frame, that weight will help soak up recoil. The 9mm round doesn’t have much recoil, but it does have some. A change like that does help. It wears, the every popular now, front slide serrations, a larger mag catch button, additional grip checkering, and adjustable sights. The oversized mag pads show another feature less common on fighting guns, but a useful add-on for the competition gun.

Learn more here:

I guess Beretta is trying to tell us that the old 92 isn’t dead yet. I might have kept my 92FS had it been more like this 92X.


  1. Looks like a real nice shooter but man, talk about a day lay late and a dollar short. This should have come out 10-15 years ago.


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