Larue Tactical Teases More Of New Precision Boltgun


We love Larue stuff here. Howard and I always show interest when Mark Larue introduces some new AR stuff.Remember a few months ago I shared some pictures of the bolt action that Mark Larue and Larue Tactical had been teasing? He’s been showing some more of it lately.

Now he is showing us that you can make it into a “pistol” using an arm brace. The varporware also has a pistol grip , AR type stock can be used and have interchangeable barrels. That’s a pretty fancy M700..

Oh and the stock folds to the side. Of course.

I wouldn’t get too excited and start scrounging for extra money just yet though. Just like the Larue 1911 and several other things that never materialized even after photos were shared, the bolt action has been “coming soon” for about 4 years now.

He may be serious this time though. It may move beyong SHOT show vaporware and IG teasing. Several other companies have jumped into the bolt gun market butthole deep lately. I would expect the price of the larue precision bolt gun to be north of 4,500 yankee dollars and that’s me honestly being optimistic so I don’t sound like I’m insane. I really think it would approach KAC SR25/EMC price points.


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