5.56MM Duplex


I got these pictures from the excellent Colt Ar15 Resource facebook group. Below you will see three original boxes the 5.56Mm duplex rounds. The ammo is loaded with two projectiles in each case. The idea being it increases your chances of a hit. When fired on full auto the idea was to double the amount of lead in the air. The ammo was intended to be use in one of the project rifles. Obviously it didn’t go anywhere.


  1. The whole idea of duplex rounds seems a bit dubious, but 5.56 seems like a particularly unlikely candidate. You just don’t have that many grains to be dividing by when you split a .22 pill in half.

  2. I think it’d be interesting to test fire these just to see what they would do. You could probably load your own but I’d highly doubt load data is available so you’d be on your own there!

    For general issue I’m skeptical but honestly something like the role of the KAC LMG is meant for in the assault it might not be a bad idea maybe. But that may be the same good idea fairy that thought it up in the first place.


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