“Pyro Putty” Fire Starting For Survival/Camping


I was looking for some things to buy as Christmas gifts last night and run across this stuff. I got to admit it looks pretty nifty. This Pyro Putty is a pliable goop that I imagine feels about like sillyputty and will burn. Not only will it burn but it glows in the dark. There is three versions of it that are more suited to different temps. As in it will remain pliable in colder temperatures. It’s a genius idea. I will get some of this and try out out for your gratification.

Fire Starter
– Remove a piece the size of a pea up to a nickel from the tin.
– Expose the fibers in the putty and ignite with lighter, matches, ferro rod or magnifying glass. A piece the size of a Nickel will burn for 8 to 10 minutes. (In high wind conditions, Establish flame before exposing to wind.)

– Pull a small piece of putty through the center of the disk and light.
– Press down on disk as putty liquefies to feed flame. Do not leave unattended or remove disc while burning. 7 hours of burn time per tin.

Glow in The Dark
– Expose putty to UV light for trail marking

Waterproof, Floats and Small Repairs
– Rub on leaky tents or shoes to waterproof.

I found it on amazon for about 10 yankee dollars for just the putty in the tin. You can get different upgrade stuff with it like fire starting doodads etc.



  1. I just use cottonballs with vaseline rubbed into them when starting fires in poor conditions and spend pennies. Or just scrape some birch bark and spend nothing.
    Americans always amaze me with their innovative ways of spending money.

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