Colt’s Topic Tuesday Youtube Videos


If you didn’t know, Colt has their own youtube channel where our buddy, Justin talks about various topics and gives tips on Colt rifles and pistols. Most of these videos are geared to the new gun owner or people who do very little of their own gunsmithing. Which by the way is a good idea for most people judging by some of the bubba jobs I see on facebook and the gun forums…

Anyway. A few weeks ago he put up a helpful tip video that I thought was excellent. It’s about how to remove scratches from a gun if it’s not too bad. I have always been a hard user of my guns so dings and scratches are just the nature of the beast. So with that in mind I never thought to talk about it. The video does a good enough job that I refer people to it now automatically. Check it out if you have a little nick on a gun that bugs you or you’re into improving the looks on older guns.



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