Hong Kong 11/25/2019 Election Day


Big weekend for the pro-freedom protestors and this time in a good way. HK had their elections and the good guys had a massive success.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp has won a majority of seats in the District Council – the first time it has done so since the 1997 Handover. Sunday’s elections also delivered a stinging rebuke to the pro-Beijing camp, which saw some of its most prominent leaders defeated.

Photo: Galileo Cheng/HKFP.

Over 2.94 million voters showed up on Sunday for the biggest election in the city’s history, according to the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC). The turnout represented 71.2 per cent of eligible voters – a 25 percentage point rise when compared to the previous District Council election four years ago.

On Sunday night and the early hours of Monday, pro-democracy candidates swept one constituency after another, prompting joy and disbelief from some supporters.

district council election november 11 (16)

Photo: Galileo Cheng.

Hong Kong’s 18 districts have long been dominated by pro-government councillors, but now democrats outnumber their opponents decisively in districts such as Tuen Mun, Tai Po, Wong Tai Sin, Shatin and Yuen Long.

Democrats such as Roy Kwong, Jimmy Sham, Tommy Cheung, Lester Shum and Kelvin Lam all won seats on Sunday, riding on the momentum of the citywide protests.

district council election 2019 november 24 (15) (Copy)

Jimmy Sham at Lek Yuen Estate, Shatin. Photo: May James/HKFP.

Kwong defeated his opponent in the Yuen Long Pek Long constituency by 4,382 to 2,584 votes, and said that the election demonstrated the unity of Hongkongers.

“This is also a warning for the government, that the public insists on the five demands,” he said, adding that the government needs to recognise how “exceptional” the result was.

Indeed. There is still a long fight ahead for these people and it’s still one that still likely to not have a happy ending. One of the dangers here being the people relax thinking the problem is over. China is already claiming US election interference, a term they no doubt learned from their western clones in the democrat party. All that aside for the moment its a victory for them that cost a lot more than most of the world is aware of. Hat’s off to them and to the ones who are no longer alive to see their election day success but died to make it happen.

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