G10 Punch Dagger From VZ Grips


More and more I like the idea of this kind of thing. A weapon made from material with no metal in it easy to conceal.

The new VZ Punch knife.

Machined from a solid piece of our proprietary G10 which is non-electrically conductive and doesn’t throw a metal signature should that unexpected Garret wand come out. This is a great little dagger/tool you can take and hide on you anywhere. Our new argyle checkering pattern keeps this little beauty securely in your hand. Makes a excellent addition to your EDC kit. Available with a handmade leather sheath. “

Of course it is already illegal in Kalifornia, so if you live there. Sorry.


  1. While such are fun and potentially useful they are not legal for carry in most places. 1. Because of being double edged. 2. Just for being a push dagger.

  2. I like the looks of that but, when I search, I only see a different configuration – skinnier blade, longer shank. Even image searches for what you posted end up and the skinny version. Looks relatively fragile.

    …and, yeah, if you reach the point where you need one of these hide-out toys, legality will be the least of your concerns.

  3. Hmmmm….,I am sure for those who have family/friends trapped in Cali. perhaps give a hand and send em one,as stated if needed,really not worried about the laws.I know many who have sent brothers and sisters in Cali. hard to find parts,need to keep it up.

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