Zenitco – Ivan The Bear – IKEA instruction style advert.


Ivan Tactical (Ivan The Bear) posted this up on their Instagram page. It is a little ad for ZenitCo AK accessories. I thought it was pretty cute, well done, and worth sharing.

I saw the file listed under the required tools, and my first thought was that would never fly in the AR15 community. Imagine buying an accessory and being told you will have to fit it to your weapon. People would be livid, you would lose your resale value.

But as I thought about it for a bit, it isn’t that uncommon in a few other cases. LMT puts little tabs on their newer uppers that sometimes have to be filed down to allow it to fit on a lower. The excuse for this is that they want to removed upper to lower slop. Between all the different MP5 models, brands, and years of manufacture, it is considered common to need to file a new stock or brace to fit them to a MP5. Not uncommon to see stocks and accessories for bolt actions to need to be fitted. I guess Space Age guns like the AR15 and Glock have spoiled me. (Little reminder, the Space Age started 52 years ago)

I just noticed the gas tube is rotated 90 degrees in that image.


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