Field // Pins, another product I don’t get.


Some company is letting you preorder field pins. They have some renderings of the product you could preorder. These “Field // Pins” are a take down and pivot pin for the AR15 with slots in the head that you can hook the rim on a round to pull open.

I don’t get it. If I have a round, why not use the bullet tip to push out the pin from the other side?

I thought, “Maybe it is to prevent scratching or marring your pins?” But I think the brass rims will mark up this pins just as much as push the pin.

Adding style an ease to a part most don’t think much about till it’s time to use. Field Pins are designed to use the rim of your cartridge to easily pull if need be. No more jamming your finger nail, using a pin and hammer, or using the actually bullet tip to disengage your takedown pins.

I think their first two words explain the whole arguement for this part. “Adding style” is probably the only real justification for these. For the people who want a Gucci rifle.

This just doesn’t seem like an upgrade in any way to me. Not worth $45. But hey, there are worse ways you could spend your money.


    • I have no clue the difference. Don’t care either. I shall put my ignorance of the topic on a pedestal and revel in its’ radiance.


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