New Aimpoint With BDC Turrets


This is pretty interesting. Just a few weeks ago Howard was talking about this in an article.

So Aimpoint has came out with the new COMPM5b. The big deal is, it has a BDC feature.

You aren’t limited to just one BDC either. It works via interchangeable turrets for different rounds. Even better, it sounds like you can have them custom made for your pet load and rifle cartridge.

The red dot sight also offers wind or lead compensation adjustment. “ Ok, thats a bit dumb. If you need to be making windage adjustment for more than zeroing, you are better off with an ACOG or an variable optic. But that’s just like, my opinion man.

Other specs standard 2 MOA Aimpoint, 5 year battery life for a AAA battery for setting 7 and over 10 years on position 1-4 (10 red dot intensity adjustment settings including 2 night vision positions).

Let’s face it, Aimpoint doesn’t make a bad RDS. It will be tough, last forever and easy to use. I think a reticle with a BDC would make more sense than adjustable turrets ( that won’t have any zero stop I’m sure). Can you imagine some mook out there shooting and adjusting those turrets up and down then forgetting about it. It’s a world of screwed up possibilities on a sighting concept meant to be as easy as falling off a frog.


  1. Yes, I was very excited, then very disappointed they went with the elevation dial rather than a proved BDC redicle like the ACSS. I have one of the Holosun/Primary Arms ACSS red dots on my 16″ with a 3x magnifier and as much as I hate buying ChiCom shit, I love the concept and precision of that chevron vice a 2-3 MOA dot.

  2. This is something that’s a great idea and probably being done to meet an agency contract spec we’ll see shortly. There’s a big push for a variable on our next rifle so if it’s meant to entice the DoD or maybe a foreign military is up for grabs.

    If they don’t go with some sort of zero stop that would be an issue. Agreed.

    • W. Do you think RDS have been developed about as far as they can? By that I dont mean longer battery life or tougher, smaller, etc . Things like this adjustable BDC turrets. Seems like aimpoint is starting to work on what a lot of people say they want, something that approaches being a true 1x RDS but then with the metaphorical flip of the switch, can function as a low powered variable optic in the 1x-8x range


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