I don’t get it, a QD MLOK handguard


Tactical Machining has come up with a quick change handguard system for the AR15.

Product link https://www.righttobear.com/product-p/10500.htm

Not a quick change barrel, but a quick change handguard.

You know, for all those times when you wanted to quickly change out handguards.

A low cost light weight handguard is great. But I just don’t see the need for a quick detach handguard.

Are you going to need two different handguard lengths and the ability to rapidly switch between them?

Now back in the day, I rarely heard of people getting an extra KAC RAS lower handguard so they could switch between one that was slick and one that had a vertical forward grip.

But it doesn’t really take long to take off most forward grips from a piccatinny rail. There are some that screw on and the Tango Down grips can be very hard to install and remove.

I think this QD handguard might be a solution to a problem no one asked about. But I do think it also shows what I have been saying that MLOK and Keymod accessories lack the quick detach ability we had gained with piccatinny rails.

Some people have difficulty installing and removing MLOK accessories. With with these handguards getting slimmer and smaller, it becomes harder to install MLOK accessories because of the protruding screws. I am told that the MLOK LMT monolithic chassis, for example, can not have the barrel removed when MLOK accessories are installed. Being able to remove your handguard would make it easier to install accessories.

Still, with out a QD barrel, is it really worth having a quick detach hand guard?


  1. One possible use that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet is using it to run a silencer with a locking ring inside the hand guard.

  2. Having had to clean a rifle after being in the rain, there are times when I appreciate the old delta ring captured handguards ability to be removed without tools.

  3. I could see an application where you keep a hand guard for hunting and one for home defense. Set up one with a bipod and the other with a light.


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