VA Counties Start Making a Stand


It appears that we may be seeing the start of some red lines in the sand starting to be drawn in VA after the recent take over by soros and bloomberg backed communists. Counties in the state are quickly declaring themselves 2nd amendment sanctuary counties and others are having meetings to do the same.

The state gun rights org has wielded some impressive clout over the years and is infinitely better than the useless noodle spined NRA leadership for getting things done in the state. It will be very interesting to watch what happens in VA once the newly elected communists start to pass gun bans.


  1. I think as the urban areas become even mor aggressive at forcing policy and the ring country go left with the refugees you will see this start to happen in CA, NY, and a few other states.

    Up state NY PDs won’t enforce the safe act us a start, but you will see more and more if this.

    Sherriff’s are generally elected and it is a good campaign issue for them.

  2. An Virginians out there please help out the 2nd amendment sanctuary movement in your county or area of the State of Virginia. Any information in your county send it to the VCDL(Virginia Citizens Defense League, we have to protect our rights,ALL OF THEM.


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