No More Nikon Scopes


Looks like another gun related company is calling it quits. Nikon apparently is closing up its riflescope production.


  1. It seems like Vortex has found their first victim. The Trump economy can’t be good for everyone.

    The important question is, where does a body get Nikon scopes on blowout?

    • Nikon has been pulling out of this market for a few years now. Remember a year or two ago after some mass shooting they pulled out of being at shot show and the other big show?

  2. They didn’t pull ut of SHOT Show a few years ago, they pulled out of the NRA Show in Dallas,Tx. They continued not attending the NRA Show the following year. They pulled out of SHOT Show this year a few months ago. That was the beginning of the end, IMHO.


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