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it’s ok. he’s a vet. He knows what he’s doing

I forget who it was on arfcom, but some one there a few years ago coined the term “Carbine-Kardashians.” Man he really nailed it with that one. The amount of “vet owned companies” on instagram and facebook that really play that up as proof of their expertise is hard to believe some times. Nearly every one of them would probably be quick to remind everyone else about their superior knowledge and experience. Of course they love to pose with very expensive guns and gear to show you how cool they are. Then one of them does something like in the bottom picture. If you haven’t picked it our yet, the bottom guy is firing a gun with the eotech on backwards.


I don’t want to hear any excuses for this. He picked up, shouldered, looked through it and fired a least one shot. Per the case in the air. What kind of person does all that, and doesn’t notice or does notice and still fires the guns? Gotta get that ‘gram cred!

The mind boggles.


  1. So, I have never looked through an EoTech backward and don’t have one nearby. Can you see anything? An immediately obvious sort of thing.

  2. It is funny to see the trends. About 12 or so years ago you’re weren’t cool unless you had multicam. Now you’re not cool unless you’re wearing woodland.

  3. Yeah, well it looks like the holo sight on the rifle in Zombieland Double Tap is also on backwards.
    www dot imfdb dot org/images/7/7a/Zombie2_205.jpg
    Not sure if a link is allowed so neutered it. You know how to fix it.


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