Rumor mill: New HK MP5 to come to market


For the long time the joke has been that H&K motto is, “You suck and we hate you.”

HK has long had a wide variety of products that people want to buy, but they won’t sell us. A large portion of the reason why is that they have to meet both the stupid US importation laws and the German laws. Still, many feel they should offer more products.

There is a current rumor that HK is going to sell a semi auto version of the MP5 (called SP5) by Christmas this year. The given “proof” of this rumor is that HK submitted to the German government several models of firearms that they want to sell. These pictures are available directly from the German police.

Let us look at this rumor point by point.

The claim is new MP5s with all the trimmings by Christmas. Tri-lugs and paddle mag catches included.

We know the following are facts:
HK would love to take your money.
HK has submitted guns to the German government to get permission to sell.

What we don’t know:
If HK got permission to sell us these guns.
If HK will import them or make them in the US.
If HK will import them in the configurations shown.

It would be very cool if this rumor was true. These guns would likely be priced around two to two and half thousand. Once supplies dry up the price on the market would likely jump to three to three and a half like what is happening currently with the HK SP5K.

I doubt this rumor is true. From what I have seen previously, if HK wanted to have these guns for sale by Christmas they would already need to be imported and working to clear customs now.

There is the chance that they are being made in the US plant. If so, I could see some of the purists claim that they are not as good as the “real” German HK guns, and the like. I would expect to hear owners of older HK94 and similar guns claim that their firearms are so much better than the shoddy American made MP5s, etc.

I think there is a fair chance HK will sell us some more MP5 variants, but I wouldn’t hold my breath that they will be here for Christmas.


  1. I was under the impression that the biggest reason that HK went away from the whole MP5 line was that the stamping die set for them was worn, and that it would not be cost-effective to have new dies made, given the low production numbers they were expecting…

    That’s one of the things about stamped-steel designs: They aren’t economical to make, given the tremendous capital costs in stamping dies (to do it right…), you need to have enormous production runs in order to do it economically. Or, be prepared for a lot of equally-expensive hand work to make the rough stampings work.

    Frankly, I’m not sure that the whole HK design paradigm of stamped sheet-metal and delayed roller-lock was ever really a great idea in the first damn place–It worked with a relatively low-pressure 7.92X33 Kurz, but when you transition that concept to high-pressure rounds like 7.62X51 NATO and 5.56X45, the whole thing ceases to work on an affordable basis, and then you have to start doing stupid things like fluting the chambers… Which ain’t cheap or easy to do, on a mass-production basis.

    Absent the Germans having pissed off the Belgians, I don’t think the whole HK thing would have necessarily gotten off the ground in the first damn place. The CETME series of rifles would have probably remained an apocryphal note in the history of Western small arms, had the Belgians licensed the FAL.

    What probably should have happened, in any kind of rational world, would have been for the .280 British to have been accepted for further rational development, the FAL in that chambering to have been adopted as the standard NATO rifle across the entire alliance, and then for something like the 7.92X57 or .30-06 to have remained standardized as the NATO support weapon cartridge for LMG and medium MG use.


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