Winchester WWII Victory Series M19 Brass 12 Gauge


Brent Sauer submitted these great photos of the Winchester collectible “Victory Series Ammunition”

Brass shotgun cases predated paper hulls. Because of this there is demand for them for Cowboy action shooters as they are period correct. In wet environments, paper hulled shells did not hold up well, so the military stuck with a brass hull. Modern plastic hulls can deform when left in magazines and tubes for a long period of time, so some people still advocate brass cases.

These brass cases have a much larger inside diameter than the thicker plastic cases. This can cause some issues when reloading them. I’ve heard of people using 10 gauge wads and using wax to seal the cartridges so they don’t have to keep re-crimping the brass.


  1. I’m pretty sure we had brass shells in my Infantry unit in ROK 1985-86. For our Model 12s. With bayonet lugs. And bayonets. I think I may be getting old.


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