The Hot Christmas Gift For 2019


And I thought things like this could only be found in the past. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.


  • Safety Material: Plastic + Sponge. Superior material, durable to use.
  • Product Size: 62×18×20cm. Direct 6 cm caliber, length 62 cm, can adjust shooting angle.
  • Considering the safety of the child, we designed a range of about 6 meters. The missiles won’t hurt the child’s body.
  • It is not a model, its missiles can be launched.includes three sponge missiles that don’t hurt your child.
  • Suitable for outdoor cs battle games, could be used with Nerf CS shootings tactics to increase the game fun.


.Color: Dark Green
.Material: Plastic + Sponge
.Product Size: 62*28*20cm
.Product Weight: 1300g
.Package Dimensions: 58*20*20cm
.Package Weight: 1540g
.Packing: Carton Box
Package Content:
.1 x Target
.1 x Transmitter
.3 x Bullet
.1 x Pressure Reed Cylinder


  1. You can actually do pretty well if not better yourself with some PVC a sprinkler valve and air compressor. Made a scale M1A1 bazooka that lobs them pretty far. Thinking about trying to build an M72-ish looking one soon.

    • My dad found plans years ago for an air-compressor-powered spud gun. It launched the spuds way farther than the hair spray version, and it fired every single time. The hair spray one seemed to be quite fussy about the fuel:air ratio.

      I wasn’t there when he built it, but he reported that the valve between the compression chamber and the barrel was quite clever. You’d just stick the air compressor nozzle in a hole on the back of the gun, charge the compression chamber, and when you’d remove the nozzle, the valve between the compression chamber and the barrel would release, and -poof- the spud would be outbound.

      • Interesting. I used a valve stem for a tire. I went with tennis balls so i could launch them around the neighborhood without fear of braking anything. I have a video of the bazooka but i don’t know how to upload. I’ll try to document the LAW if I’m able to do it. I only have 5-10 minutes a day to do these things so it can be a delayed.


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