Boogaloo in Chile 11/7/2019


When been following the Hong Kong boogaloo for months now. I mentioned Chile a few weeks ago,so lets take a quick peak and see how they are doing down there..

Some news pics from this week.

Oh.. well. Looks like they haven’t calmed down much.


  1. As I have said before,seems to be world wide,might want to consider could happen in your town/region(and plan accordingly),but,to readers here they know that.What is worrisome is the majority that do not consider/plan for such activities.

  2. Sending young women out to have Molotov cocktails thrown at them is a sign of societal suicide. I’m not saying that there is no role ever for women in law enforcement, but doing this the way we (apparently including Chile) do it is insanity.

    I doubt the boogaloo crowd in Chile (or Hong Kong, for that matter) will improve that.

        • the Hong Kongers want independence from china and freedom. the Chile protestors want more free shit socialism type shit. they are more like the occupy wall street types or bernie voter antifa types. But I am not 100 percent on that. its mixed up like the french protestors who have all kinds


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