ATF Tracking Down Glock Switches


Looks like the Alphabet boys have gotten really serious about tracking down those Glock switches that popped up a few months ago online. has a piece about it. I will post a link but I wouldn’t go there, I was bombarded with pop ups while there.

Back in May we wrote about a web site that sells cheap Chinese knock-off gun gear. Some of it is standard fare like trademark infringing holsters, knives, red dots and the like. Buy at your own risk. Just be aware that in addition to rewarding patent pirates, ordering some of the gear they sell could result in a knock on your door and a trip to the local cop shop in the back of a cruiser.

That’s because the site also sells gear like suppressor components and switches designed to turn your garden variety GLOCK into a full-auto bullet hose. Which is, you know, illegal.

The full auto switches have turned up all over the country and our friends at the ATF are busy trying to track down a couple of thousand of them that they know made it into the country. Chicago’s WGN has noticed some in their notably violent neck of the woods.

WGN Investigates has learned the ATF identified over 2,500 individuals nationwide who may have obtained the part, known as a switch, records show.

At least 118 people, possessing a total of 256 switches, fall within the ATF’s Chicago field division – an area that includes parts of neighboring Indiana and Wisconsin.

The ATF is now trying to apprehend the buyers and seize the illegally purchased switches. Advertisement

The part is not exactly hard to find. In most cases, it was ordered online – from sellers outside the U.S., for as little as $30.

It’s not clear how the ATF got a hold of the sales records for the gear, but . . .

Cook County Sheriff’s police recently arrested two people accused of buying switches from China. Both are now facing felony gun charges.

Chicago police have confiscated more switches this year, compared to 2018.

But officials said they don’t know of a shooting where one was used, though that’s the fear.

Link to original. Again I don’t advise going to it unless you got a powerful adblocker on. I shared everything worth reading already above.


  1. One of these turned up in Sonoma County earlier this year.
    There are videos that show Glock 18’s being fired full auto and with accuracy,
    I always wondered how many thousands of rounds in practice it took to master a genuine machine pistol.

  2. I never served, and I have precious little trigger time behind full-auto guns, but my general impression of full auto is that it has very limited tactical utility. Based on that, I kind of wonder if access to full auto wouldn’t lower the death toll in most mass murder incidents of the type that make the front page. And I’m pretty confident that they’d lower the death toll of the average gangland murder in 2019.

    And anyway, given that none of the folks who can pick any firearm they choose pick a machine pistol, that makes me think that they’re probably mostly a way to turn money into noise.

    The Las Vegas murder of a few years back would have had a higher death toll if the killer had used a water-cooled belt-fed machine gun. And given that the murderer in question could have afforded one of those, it raises the question for me, why didn’t he get one? This is one of thousands of unanswered questions about that incident.


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