Is your hard weapon case good?


I just recently picked up a Zenith MKE MP5 clone. It came in this little thin case that is kinda flimsy, but over all pretty nice. The Zenith website had them listed last week for sale for about $12 each. They are no longer listed, I would have picked up a couple of cases for other guns. It was nice and light weight and would have been good for the trip to the range.

Some guys like Mark Fingar make up some really awesome custom cut foam inserts on their hard cases for their even more awesome equipment.

But let us back up a moment.

We use gun cases for any number of things, but usually it comes down to storage, protection, and transportation.

Something as simple as a towel wrapped around a gun can make it more discrete and protect it from dings and scratches.

Some people will use something like a gun sock to protect guns from banging into each other while they are in the safe. But that isn’t exactly something you can throw in the back of your truck for the drive down the washboard roads to the range.

There are some cases purpose made for a specific firearm, such as this Barrett case above.

Now to get to the point. All these cases have pros and cons.

I saw a post of a forum where someone was storing their Barrett .50 BMG in the case here in Florida. Well it got all rusty. These cases can trap humidity, and it is always humid in this greatest state. Open cell foam can catch and trap water and humidity. If you are going to be using a case for long term storage, try and get closed cell foam or a custom hard molded plastic. Add some sort of desiccant to try and prevent rust.

That small and light Zenith case I first posted is great for quick travel to the range. But it would offer no where near the protection of something like a Model 472-PWC-MP5 Pelican case:

But consider this. That case above is $340 dollars. It also weights 20 pounds. While it may be the ultimate in travel protection for your firearm, it is going to take up a good bit of space, and be heavy and clunky when fully packed.

John Farnam recently posted up a quip talking about his traveling with a hard case. The TSA checked if the case (while locked) could be pried open enough to pull something out while locked. The case he was using failed this test so he ended up changing brands. Farnam doesn’t mention which brand failed, and which worked. I wish he would have, as that which one to buy if we travel.

I know that the Plano cases I have have locks built into them. But, you can easily pry open the latches while they are locked. Someone made a video about this:

So, if you use a case, it is really secure?
Is it really a good choice for storage?

What do you use?



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