Don’t Mix Ammo


Gunset Training Group, LLCLike Page
Valuable Lesson: Always be sure that you’re using the correct caliber ammunition for your gun.

This was a brand new 1911 chambered in 45ACP. The owner grabbed a handful of ammunition out of an ammo can and loaded his magazine. He didn’t realize that there was a lone 40S&W cartridge mixed in with the 45ACP. The 40S&W was the last round loaded in the magazine so it was the first to be chambered. As 40S&W is smaller than 45ACP, it fell past the chamber and into the bore. Then a 45ACP was chambered and fired, which discharged the 40S&W lodged in the bore. The results were catastrophic for the gun. The owner is very lucky that he wasn’t hurt.


  1. Years ago, I was alternating carry between a full-size 9mm and a 380 depending on where I was going and what I was wearing. I had a pretty good routine where I would remove the mag and rack the chambered round into my bedside drawer each evening. Then I would use that round to top-off the mag after chambering a round the next day.

    Bet you can see where this is going…

    One day, I was going through the evening routine, clearing the 9mm, when I glance at the mag and noticed….the top round in the mag was a 380. Quite the complicated single-shot I carried all day.

  2. Kids. I don’t go full “guns and ammo locked up separately” but I empty my handguns when I’m not carrying them. Long guns for home defense.

  3. The handgun variant of the “20 gauge in the 12 gauge barrel” issue we see during hunting seasons.

    The owner is lucky that it was a .45 ACP round behind this sort of stoppage. If it had been a .40 S&W being lit off behind an obstruction, the shooter might not have been so lucky.


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