Stay away from reject ammo.


Some years ago I saw on one of the gun discussion groups this really great deal on blemished M855 ammunition. I wanted to buy a great deal of it, but didn’t have the money for it.

Glad I didn’t, as it turned out it wasn’t just blemished ammo, it was reject ammo.

Similar thing happened again recently. I had just bought a bunch of Barnaul ammo for plinking and close range practice then suddenly had M855 “blemished” ammo for sale for 17 cents a round. Great price, right?

I have no qualms with buying blemished ammo. Some companies (like Black hills ammunition) will sometimes get rejected by the factory(not the military) for cosmetic reasons and will be sold at a discount. Unfortunately, sometimes these sellers are not selling this blemished ammo, but instead factory rejects. user jaqufrost bought of this reject ammo, and posted up pictures:

Ammo like in the second photo might shoot, but the ones in the first photo are going to give you a bad day if you try and jam it in your rifle.

Now cheap ammo often isn’t bad, but try not to buy factory rejects to save a few pennies a round.


  1. I once had access to Federal’s seconds store up in Anoka. Like a candy store for adults. Nothing like what you show – mostly cosmetic stuff – scratches, discoloration, damaged soft points, excessive primer sealant, etc. Did run into some 410 shot shells that were too crooked to chamber.


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