Army has a new BZO target


I just learned today that the Army adopted a new target for 25 meter zeroing. Made by Rite in the Rain, this target is weather resistant and clearly marked with the adjustments for different optics and MOA markings on the target.

The Army got these back in 2017, but no one told me until now.

I think these are pretty cool. Having the 1 MOA markings on the target allow you to quickly and easily adjust pretty near any optic or sight. Having the various adjustments of standard issue Army optics and sights will really help prevent confusion and bad information.

The back of the target has further information, instructions, and offsets for obtaining a 100 200, or 300 meter zero with M855 or M855A1 ammunition with various optics.

In the military I used Rite in the Rain notepads and I still use them due to this thick water resistant sheets. You do have to make sure that your ink won’t run in the water, but you know the paper is far more likely to survive. I read that these thick sheets make it easier to see and measure groups fired on them.

This target is sold in a pack of 100 for $19.95. NSN: 6920-01-660-0348
Not a terrible price at 20 cents each.

Personally, I think I will stick to my cheap sheets of paper and just use a ruler.


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