The Goncz Auto Pistol

Goncz GA-9 pistol, with 30-round magazine, left side view

Goncz GA-9 pistol less magazine, right side view

The Goncz pistol is one of those oddballs that is all but forgotten. Produced during a time when more than a few companies popped up with The Next Big Thing. A time when Calicos and Streetsweepers could be seen hanging on the gunshop wall.

The Goncz GA-9 High Tech pistol was developed by the Goncz Armament Inc (North Hollywood, California, USA), and manufactured in very limited numbers between circa 1984 and 1990. The Goncz GA-9 pistol belonged to the almost useless class of “assault pistols” which, while having the size and weight of a submachine gun, offered the same firepower as a much more compact and comfortable “standard” pistols, used by various military and police forces, as well as by civilians (where allowed by law). The Goncz GA-9 pistol, for example, had the size of Mini-UZI submachine gun, but lacked the folding shoulder stock and full automatic firepower. The simple blowback operation, also borrowed from submachine gun world, resulted in increased felt recoil, and compromised rapid-fire accuracy. In general, GA-9, like many other “assault pistols” (such as Intratec DC-9 or Wilkinson Linda), was some sort of a “poor man’s submachine gun”, and, like others, did not succeed in this field. Unlike some other “assault pistols” the Goncz was apparently well made, but this, maybe, was one of its failing points, as the assault pistols were most attractive for marginal public, which was not ready to spend a lot on weapons.”

The Goncz GA-9 is a semi-automatic, blowback operated weapon. The tubular receiver, reminiscent of a submachine gun, was machined from steel and was integral with barrel jacket. Cylindrical bolt was located within the receiver, with charging handle attached to the left side of the bolt. The grip frame, integral with the trigger guard, was also made from steel. The Goncz GA-9 pistol featured no bolt hold-open device. Manual safety was located at the left side of the grip. Standard magazine capacity was 19 rounds; extended magazines held 30 rounds. The Goncz weapons were also available in carbine form, with longer barrel (about 16″ / 40cm long) and with permanently attached wooden buttstock.”

Type: Single Action
Caliber: 9x19mm Luger/Parabellum
Weight unloaded: not known
Length: 381 mm (15″)
Barrel length: 229 mm (9″)
Capacity: 19 or 30 rounds

One of the few things I didn’t at least handle back in the 1980s but always wanted to. I have no idea why now, but I guess because it looked cool to me back then.

The gun has a bit of a complex history to not be many made , with another company making pistols that were basically the same. Claridge Arms being the name. The gun made by them known as the Claridge Hi-Tec. All gone now once Kommiefornia banned them in 1993. Most people, if they do recall. remember it from the film Total Recall.


  1. The thing the Goncz and MAC designs should tell anti-gunners is how easy it is to make:

    a) pistols,
    b) auto-pistols and sub-guns.

    Blowback designs are pud-easy to make. It’s all just mass and spring coefficients as your choice of how fast to let the thing cycle.

    The Goncz is an easy design to make. All you need is a lathe, mill and a dividing head. The receiver is just a piece of tube alloy steel.

    • If they wanted to stop *criminals* from hurting people with guns, they’d fix the revolving-door justice system in America’s cities. But they don’t fix it. So I conclude that they have no interest in stopping crime or criminals.

      This is where the NRA botches a lot of their “We need to enforce existing gun laws!!!” messaging. It shouldn’t be an exhortation (a whole bunch of gun laws shouldn’t be enforced), it should be a question: Why, in spite of the fact that prosecuting felon-in-possession laws is trivially easy, do felons not get prosecuted for having guns? And why, despite the fact that NFA ‘34 is trivially easy to violate, does essentially no one in the gun culture violate NFA ‘34? And why should we expect that new gun laws are being proposed in good faith when the only people obeying the existing gun laws are the gun culture?

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