Ugh, I messed up


Here I am looking at the large pile of full size Recee’s Cups, I bought to give out on Halloween, hoping no kids show up so I can have all of them.

But that isn’t my mistake.

Some time back I had a Glock 19C cut for a RMR and I used it for a while. It had many merits, but I wasn’t completely sold on the setup, so I ended up getting rid of it. Later I picked up a Gen 5 G19 MOS so I would have the option to run what ever optic I would later decide to use. I wanted to try options other than the RMR.

I bought a Leupold Deltapoint PRO and a pair of Trijicon “suppressor height” sights. Got them in yesterday and installed them to use at the range today.

Mistake #1: Long ago I had read that the Leupold Deltapoint uses the same mounting footprint as the Doctor mini red dots. Nope. It uses the J-Point pattern. I should have doubled checked. Part of the reason I bought the Deltapoint is that I have many items that can take a Doctor pattern red dot, and I figured if I didn’t like it on the pistol, I could use it elsewhere.

I may still have a J-Point mount or two laying around, I’ll check.

Mistake #2: I had assumed (wrongly) that the taller “Suppressor Height” would co-witness with the Deltapoint PRO. No, it is way too tall. Now a few groups do make horribly tall Glock sights for use with the Deltapoint, but I am not going to go that route.

I’m just going to shoot with the Deltapoint for a while, then trade it for a RMR or figure out some other use for it.

I did a little bit of pistol shooting today. First I removed the Deltapoint and checked the iron sights. They were fine. The Deltapoint needed a litte of adjustment for zeroing. Initially my impacts were about 2 inches low and a inch left at about 5 yards. I made an adjustment easily using the 1 MOA clicks on the optic, and brought the group centered, but about half an inch low.

Here is where I got a little frustrated. I made an adjustment up, and was still half an inch low. So I made another adjustment up, and found my self about an inch high and an inch right.

Shooting with the dot was easy, my shots on the target tended to be touching, so I wasn’t pulling shots. It looked to me like my elevation adjustment caused the windage to shift moving the impacts right.

I dialed an adjustment down for 1 inch, and didn’t touch windage. That bought my impacts right to my point of aim.

It sure seemed to me that moving the adjustment up also shifted the impacts right. I don’t like that.

But at this point, I only put about 50 rounds though the gun with the Deltapoint. So I want to shoot with it a little more before I made a decision. Time will tell.


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