Guns You Had Hopes For But…


I saw this question on one of the gun forums earlier and thought it was an interesting topic. We handle and have tested a lot of guns. A LOT. Some of them I had high hopes for, or at least I wasn’t skeptical about, when going in but turned out to be less than impressive or down right awful.


example above, The KRISS. Is it junk? No. Is it fun to play with a little ? Yeah it’s fun to plink with for about 10 minutes. It works fine but I found the hype around it to be over blown by a factor of 10. You can find the review for it on the site in the archives.

The SCAR -L. It’s just OK. It does nothing better than the M4 in any way. It’s meh-ness did have one benefit. Later when I went to test the SCAR-H, I was surprised by how much I liked it. The H is the one to buy.

The H&K 417. Picture above says it all.

The PTR-91 is much hyped online. Listen. It’s not that great. The accuracy is bad enough it would make me enraged if I had actually had to pay for the gun. Save your money unless you are just one of those guys.

I’m not even going to bother saying anything about this one.

Ergonomics on this pistol feel great. Almost as good as a M1911. But it doesn’t really out do the glock. Hey what can I say?

The Galil., Talk about something I wanted to like. It looks like it would be awesome. It is pretty cool. No doubt. But really it’s just a big heavy as hell AK. Still pretty cool but not anything close to what some people hype it as.

Now, up front this isn’t a gun that I ever cared about. I think it was absurd from the moment I read about the XM8. But I did want to check it out anyway. I was impressed by what a amazing build this is. Otherwise it’s just another 5.56mm carbine that does absolutely better than a M4 except look like it could be in the classic 1980s film ALIENS with Hicks using it to shoot Xenomorphs in their face .

I may follow up with a part 2 later this week just on handguns. Please do let us know what guns you had big hopes for but then let you down once you had them in your hand.


  1. The MK17 and the MK20s were guns the more time I spent with the more disappointed they got. Guns that felt like they were designed by a committee. Ambi controls that just make the gun overall worse. Reciprocating charging handle at a horrible location. Quick change barrel system instead of just using dedicated uppers.

  2. We have a post sample Kriss .45 auto on the rental wall. It is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with.

    I would add the FAL, at least the kit guns that are so prevalent here.

  3. The Masada/ACR. The original iteration, in my humble opinion, was a good concept as envisioned. The dual lowers for AR and AK mags. Uses any AR barrel without modification. Wow.

    Then Bushmaster destroyed it with puzzling configurations and barrels no one asked for. Their support was nonexistent. Then the competing Remington guns and accessories that everyone wanted but they didn’t want to take anyone’s money. I understand there are some videos of a German fellow who wasn’t happy either.

    For the things that are good (the stock is good kit) the rifle is bulky for what it is. It doesn’t do anything an AR can’t do.

  4. In no particular order
    Kel Tec KSG
    Franchi SPAS-12
    Calico something or other as a pistol
    Any non side gate loading lever action
    Scar 16 (Heavy all the way, very much agreed)
    Remington R51

  5. Glock 36. Blocky, hard to control and not particularly accurate. Like owning a boat, my happiest days of ownership were the day I bought it and the day I traded it off for a Kahr.


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