Random musing on the NGSW


From what I read, when the Army was looking for a M110A1 “Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System” they wanted the newest version of the Knights Armament SR25. When H&K won the contact, it seemed like the Army wasn’t overly enthused. I may completely wrong about that, but from what little info I read it sure seemed that way. So the Army changed it around and make the “Squad Designated Marksman Rifle” along with a new armor piercing round.

We also have this “Next Generation Squad Weapon” with a super new 6.5 to 6.8 uber round to replace the M4 and the light machine guns.

I wonder if the Army wants a new “sniper/designated marksman” round that would also be used for their designated marksman rifles and machine guns. Sort of like how we use .308 right now. I wonder if the whole argument of making it the new infantry rifle is just what was necessary to get the funding and development started.

Look at the M16A4 for example. Instead of buying a KAC M5RAS, a new barrel, and a flat top upper for all the M16A2 rifles in the service the military decided to call it a M16A4. I think it was easier for the military to go to Congress and ask for money to switch from the old M16A2, to the new M16A4, two whole generations improved.

An opposite example of naming would be the M68 CCO. The Army got money to equip the whole Army with Aimpoint Comp M2s. Then a newer and better version came out, the Comp M4, so the Comp M4 also became the M68CCO and the Army just started buying the new red dots.

Imagine if the Army had to say, “Well that red dot we started buying is already obsolete, so we need money to buy a different model.” Would not sound as good.

You always see weird fuckery like that with the miltiary. I once heard an FN rep complain that it cost the USMC more money to have a M2 Machine Gun rebuilt by FN then it would cost to buy a brand new M2 from FN. But the Corps had money approved for servicing these weapon system, and wasn’t approved for buying new ones.

One of the middle schools I went too was newly built. They had a huge amount of money set aside for furniture, so they had rooms full of desks, chairs, and the like. But they had completely expended their book budget and were very short on text books. So they were borrowing books from other schools, and when they could, were trading furniture for text books. How ridiculous.

I think that this whole NGSW program might be a serious attempt to get a replacement round and guns for legacy 308. I just can’t see these as being a serious M4 replacement. But, who really knows.


  1. “Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown”

    The thing that just drives me nuts about the whole thing is that there is little to no attempt to even work out how these things are supposed to be used.

    It’s like with snipers and the sniper weapons system–They’ve got this great equipment, these expensively-trained and highly qualified guys to use it, and then we go looking out at the way the battalions use them in the field… WTF?

    It’s like with EOD, or any of the other minor slice elements–The commanders have no idea how to use those assets to leverage things, and because of that…? They write the OPORD to use what they understand, and then they sprinkle a little bit sniper over here, a little bit of EOD over there, and maybe some STANO team spice over this way.

    There’s really no theoretical framework there, when you go looking. Which leads into that whole issue of “What the hell do we do with this…?” whenever they procure some new toy. Nine times out of ten, they can’t figure it out, and it winds up going back into the Arms Room to be stored as some kinda prop to pull out and demonstrate for higher.

    I guarantee you that most of these systems are going to wind up being like the old 90mm Recoilless things–Stuff that got hauled along because it was on the checklist, but which nobody really knew how to use effectively.


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