Butler Creek ASAP Mag Loader


I saw an advertisement for the Butler Creek electric mag loader:

That wasn’t the ad I saw, but it shows the product well.

Let us look at the important details. $350, holds 60 rounds, takes 45 seconds to fill a 30 round mag, and can be set to fill up to a 45 round mag. Can be plugged into the wall or run off batteries.

Aside from the high cost, 45 seconds to load a mag is kinda slow. Butler Creek reps point out that this is not made to fill drums or 60 round mags.

This thing just seems like a poor choice to me. Now it had something like a large hopper so you could just top off the hopper and fill up your mags, I think it might make sense. But at $350 for something slow, it seems to me that the cheaper alternatives are better.

I use a lula loader:

This is a picture of the gen 2 from their website. My old gen 1 has loaded at least 10,000 rounds and is working great. It is cheap, small, and also works as an unloader.

There are all manner of different cheaper alternatives like the $150 mag pump and the $130 Magula Range Benchloader each of which will fill a 30 round magazine in under 30 seconds. They make take a little more effort than the Butler Creek offering, but they are also far cheaper and don’t need power.

I don’t think Butler Creek’s ASAP loader is a bad idea, but I think they should make a v2 that has a much larger hopper and the ability to fill larger magazines. It doesn’t seem to me that it is worth the cost compared to alternatives out there.


  1. Stripper clips work really well for filling AR magazines. Of course loading stripper clips takes time but Federal sells M193 and M855 preloaded in boxes and .30 caliber ammo cans.

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