Mexican Cartel vs Mexican Police


Over the weekend we got some video and news of the Mexican Drug cartel in a battle with the Mexican Police. The fire fight happened because the cartel got them to release their leader , the son of El Chapo. Some amazing video came out from people filming on the street and from the cartel hitmen themselves.

One video streamed from inside the vehicle of a Mex Cartel hit man had him showing off a LAW launcher and his MK 48 belt fed. Other video showed a cartel good firing a Barrett at police and the truck with M2 mounted on it above. They were serious about it thats for sure.

Hey, but we don’t need a wall. Walls are racist. Who would pick strawberries for us if we keep these salt of the earth people out? We know only the best of society comes here to integrate with us.


    • That’s too capital intensive. The border just needs to be manned by a rotating crew of snipers. They don’t have to be everywhere at once, but people will think they are.

  1. “Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States”.

    Mexico is a Narco state due to our drug laws and when you see a big surge of Illegal Immigrants from Honduras you might look at what the good old USA has been doing in that Country for the last few decades.
    Sigh, for the good old days when Coca Cola had their own death squads and it was safe to be a visiting American!
    Read Smedley Butler’s famous essay “War is a Racket” to get the flavor of what is now a long tradition.


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