Does anyone actually sell guns on Armslist?


There are many places to buy and sell guns online, but I never seem to hear about anyone buying something from Armslist. I’m pretty sure it’s only scammer there.

Now I was perusing Armslist the other day, and I stumbled across a good deal. So I took a good look at the ad. I do a reverse image search. Turns out it is a scammer that just copied a Gunbroker ad.

I look around some more. I find an even better deal. I do a reverse image search and nothing shows up. It looks like a legitimate ad. So I contact the seller.

I also google searched the text in the ad. That brought me to the real Gunbroker ad this one was a copy of. So, another scammer.

I heard back from the seller, they answered one of my questions, with an absolutely ridiculous answer that is impossible. They also only take Zelle or Paypal as payment. Another red flag.

Be careful when you go to buy guns online. Be extra careful if you are looking at Armslist.


  1. I found a good deal on an LE901-16S on Armslist a few months ago. I was having a great conversation with the seller over a few days. I told him I was going to drive 3 hours to his town, we would met at a local gun shop, I would pay him and we would do the transfer paperwork. He asked me to pay in advance before coming out. I refused to pay in advance and he stopped talking to me.

  2. I listed a pistol for sale on there, and got an email from a scammer saying they wanted to buy it. They wanted me to ship it, then pay me, and when I mentioned I could only ship to an FFL, they didn’t email me back.

  3. I bought a number of guns locally on Backpage several years ago. I probably did 6 or so deals and I had no issues whatsoever.

    I’m kind of annoyed that the Trump administration shut Backpage down, though I understand why they did it. I have not found anything to replace it as a source of used guns with a no-hassle buying experience.

  4. I have both bought and sold guns on Armslist, and for local deals it worked out well enough. I did have to filter out scammers occasionally. It was no better or worse than dealing with people on craigslist.

  5. I’ve bought several on Armslist-all locally. The only time I looked into buying one from a non-local seller, the guy was a scammer.

  6. I have purchased several pistols/rifles over the last few years.

    BUT, I have contacted folks that were scammers AND have been contacted by the ListServe warning me of the potential “SCAMMER”..

  7. I’ve purchased a handful of pistols and rifles, and sold one rifle through Armslist, through the years. Never had any problems. I have walked away from a deal a couple times, just because something felt off when talking to the person on the phone. …less of a ‘scam’ so much as just a wrong feeling. I’ve never pursued a transaction with anyone unwilling to talk on the phone or meet somewhere safe and convenient for us both. We always do the hokey-pokey with our I.D.’s when we meet and do everything by the book. Met some good people. I’m sure scams exist; thankfully I’ve had all good experiences with the site.

  8. I’ve sold/traded a number of guns on Armslist but I’ve also run in to numerous scammers. You can always tell them by the almost boilerplate emails they send. Will pay full price via “cashier’s check”. When you insist on a certified check, they disappear.

  9. Just sold an M&P 9mm not 2 weeks ago. Was listed for over a 1/2 year. Mostly scammers, lowballers, and tire kickers. CL is not what it used to be, the creeps have taken over. A shame. I’ve used them a lot in the past, got some great deals, not so much anymore.


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