What is the point of female cut bdu


I was looking of a new pack on 511s site and inevitably started wondering over to other tabs. I’ve only ever bought mens/unisex bdu because I assumed anything specifically made for a girl would be some bullshit.
And of course, it is.

Badass tactical practical shit

I dont know how they are selling these, girls already don’t get the cop out of having a understandable bulge in the front of their pants and it wouldn’t do you any favors if you were carrying any other way besides open. Beyond that, I cant imagine how you’d be able to make any kind of dynamic movement in something like that.
Now I’m not saying everything of this nature has to be “action jeans”, but if you’re going to make a product that’s suppose to be for duty or that requires anything beyond sitting and looking pretty then at least have it make sense.


  1. I agree. And put in a higher waist, where it sits at the natural curve. Hard to carry your rig when they’re hip-huggers. Cabela’s 5-pocket hiker, with a little stretch, were my go-to pants until they stopped carrying them (though they still have the men’s style). 511’s are cut too low for me.

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