“Grail Guns” Continued


Yesterday Howard posted about his grail guns so I thought I would chime in with some of mine. Like him,I basically have everything I really want and use for every day practical purposes. That obviously doesn’t mean there are none out there I still list after.

Always number one. photos rarely do it justice, They have to be seen in person to “get it”

The gun that is always first in my mind and heart on the want list is a pre war Colt M1911 National Match. Probably the finest semi auto handgun ever made. Old world craftsmanship and a gold standard of the gunmaker’s art. Also now selling far beyond what I am willing to pay and not have a sick feeling afterwards.

I love the Model 70. Especially the pre-64 match rifles. I have always wanted a pre 64 Model 70 match rifle known as the “bull gun.” This is the heaviest barrel version meant or National Matches. The guns came in all the popular rounds for high power shooting during the time. As tempting as 300 H&H mag would be, I would have to stick to the .30-06 version. The stock is proper for use of an optic and iron sights with a wide forearm with ability to mount hand stops and sling swivels for position shooting. The stock is known as the “marksmans stock” and was the same tyoe used on the Model 52.

I’ve always wanted a custom Winchester Hi-wall/Low-wall. Done up as a heavy varmint rifle and scoped with a 15X Unertl. I almost ordered one back in 2001. I couldn’t decide what to have it chambered in and so I waited, Stuff came up and the money I had or it had to be used on something much less pleasing. Now, I think I would get it in .204 ruger. That is likely to change in an hour though.

of course

Of course . Just like Howard I would love to have a M110. Why when I have a Colt 901 ? I don’t know, I just think it’s a pretty cool rifle.

I can’t imagine anyone who is a dedicated AR guy with any kind of brain power not wanting one. ‘Nuff said.


  1. I’m old, so I’d settle for just one.
    A colt 1905 in 98% condition came up for auction a couple of years ago.
    With the original shoulder stock.
    And I would shoot it.
    Carefully and not a lot, but I would definitely shoot that puppy.

  2. An SVDS. The Dragunov is awesome in its original form but the paratrooper version is badass. Its slightly possible one may make into the country by way of Canada or elsewhere. There is a sorta loophole for an importer to get them this way but very unlikely.

    Not a gun but would love to have a genuine Unertl USMC 10x Sniper. I was first in line for the USO commercial sale back in ’99 for an A1 variant but a bona fide Unertl would be awesome. In my youth I’d have dropped the cash they go for in a flash but my middle aged wallet says no.


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