My “Grail Guns”


For practical purposes, I’ve acquired all the guns I most wanted for my collection. Took me a long time to get here, a lot of money spent, and plenty of things purchased that I later decided I didn’t like. By no means am I done getting stuff.

Yet, there will always be the couple of items that you don’t have but really want. There are a few guns left that I would really love to have, but will likely never get. Mostly due to outrageous prices on them, but in some cases because I have guns that fit that niche better.

One of the main guns I would love to have would be an Auto marked M16A2. In all reality, I’d prefer to have a new production full auto lower, but since I don’t believe the NFA is going away any time soon, I’d have to settle for a pre-86 registered receiver. If I ever decided to spend all the cash to get a full auto firearm, I would spend a little extra to get an Auto marked M16A2.

While pretty much any registered receiver out there would do what I want, if I was spending my cash, this is what I would get. I’d put a collapsing stock on it, and what ever upper I felt like shooting at the time.

I’ve told people, that if I had a registered full auto lower, I’d just keep that and a non-NFA AR15 lower for if I had to travel. I could just slap what ever upper I feel like shooting on that M16A2 lower and I wouldn’t bother with others. I’d put a Geissele SSF trigger in there so I would have a better trigger pull than the USGI trigger. A collapsing stock, since it would normally wear a short or M4 upper. And I would run the hell out of it.

Another gun I want, but that I don’t believe is worth the going price for them, is the M79. The classic “blooper”

The M79 is pretty much just a giant break open shotgun, but chambered in 40mm. Right now they run about 7-8000. If it was $1000, I’d probably have two.

This picture is airsoft, but I think a highly cut down M79 could be fun. If I had one I would have a second barrel and stock for the cut down configuration. If I had two I would keep one in each style.

There is just something I find tremendously cool about the M110 sniper rifle. Given unlimited funds I would get one and set it up just like above. Realistically, my 308 rifle is far more practical and useful. The M110 at this point is old tech, surpassed by newer and better. If I were wanting a gun for serious use, while the M110 would work fine, I would get something like the new SR25ACC or a Larue instead as the newer guns are more accurate, lighter, handier, etc, etc, and a whole lot cheaper.

I wouldn’t buy a M110 unless I had enough money that the cost of the entire setup would be negligible compared to my discretionary funds. I don’t expect that happening any time soon.

As long as we are getting out there on sillier things. If money was no object, I’d pick up a M231 FPW and modify it a bit.

The M231 is a pretty silly and rare weapon to begin with. An open bolt full auto that fires at 1200 RPM and has no sights.

If I got one, I wouldn’t use it as is. I’d take the upper and and recoil spring tube off and I would fabricate a new receiver extension for it that could take a standard AR15 stock. While retaining the nested recoil spring assembly. That would take a little finagling to get set up, but would make it far handier.

I’d use its’ special bolt carrier, and slap on aftermarket uppers. Have a railed handguard, throw something like a grip pod on it. Give you a little more to hold on too. A railed upper with a reflex sight. Maybe a muzzle break to help control recoil. Just burn out cheap barrels and uppers.

It still wouldn’t be practical. It would still be a bullet hose best at turning ammo into noise. But with a few changes it would be a little easier to hit what you’re pointing at. I think that would be fun.

In years past, I could have probably made a list going into the hundreds of guns I would love to buy and own. But as I become older, crankier, and set in my ways, I find there is less and less I really want.

The nice thing about these few “grail guns” that I want is that they are out there and obtainable. It is not like I’m wanting one of those four barreled Nazi marked Drilling rifles or the prototype Luger in .45 ACP.

I don’t expect I’d ever buy any of these, as I think the current market value of them is far more than they are worth. Well I dunno. I suppose I could see self buying an M16A2 in lieu of a sports car when ever I get around to having a mid life crisis.

What guns do you want that you expect to never get?


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