Ky Squirrel Hunting V


Last week the weather finally broke and became October weather. Temps dropped down into the high 50s and rained. Saturday started off rainy in the morning then cleared off. Perfect weather for hunting Sqwuaks.

I went into the woods at 300PM and had the first one in my pocket 10 minutes later. The mystery of the lack of activity in the usual Hickory trees was solved. There are more beech nuts than I have ever seen. They LOVE beech nuts. The part of the mountain covered in Beech trees was a slaughter house that day.

From 300PM to 600PM I harvested 6, which is the daily bag limit in Kentucky. After that I had to pack it up and go home and leave the rest. I have never gotten so many in such a short amount of time. The Model 31 Remington is always a pleasure. I took it instead of the rifle since the leaves are still on. But it is getting close to being time for me to finally switch over to the .22 rimfire for the year.


  1. I was wondering why you took a shotty instead of a rifle.
    Never thought about the leaves factoring in.
    Squirrel is good eating!


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