Quick Memory: Humanitarian Aid MRE


I was looking at some MREs and similar and I remember the Humanitarian Aid MREs we had in Iraq. We had a few cases of these to give out. We would give them out and the Iraqis would give them back. One time we stopped some where and I handed out 6 or 8 or so of them. Someone opened one up and gave it a try. Then they threw the rest of them back at me.

A couple of times, just to get rid of them, while we were driving I threw them at people. Ahem, too people, not at them. We did very little of that because we didn’t want people running up to the vehicles when we were driving. There was a case where a little kid ran infront of a convoy and was run over and killed, so we wanted to keep the locals from getting close to our vehicles. For our safety and theirs.

There was a point where we were short on resupplies, so opened up one of those humanitarian aid meals and ate it. The most bland stuff I ever ate. Something like rice pilaf. Plain rice with no spice or flavor or texture. Probably made that way with the intent that it would be palatable to anyone. Instead it was like trying to eat a giant cotton ball. It dried out your mouth and felt hard to swallow.

At some point, a few of the guys pulled out the crackers and peanut butter in these meals and we threw the rest of it away.

What a waste. Who came up with those horrible things?


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